How Old is Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is an American singer and for all those who are wondering how old Justin Bieber is – this article is the right place to start. Justin Bieber is born on March 1st, 1994, so that makes him a sixteen year old Canadian from Stratford, Ontario.

His life was full of struggle, because he was raised by single mother (a devoted Christian), yet he managed to learn to play trumpet, guitar, piano and drums all by himself. His career started when Scooter Braun accidentally clicked on a video of Justin’s performance while he was looking for some music to listen on YouTube. Today Braun is his manager.

It was a competition in which Justin was ranked second, yet Scooter Braun was impressed by his performance, so he went to Canada to try to locate Justin who was 13 years old. After this his rise to stardom has finally begun. He is often compared to his friend and colleague, Usher. They both started singing at the same age, but Justin’s rise to fame was a lot faster then Usher’s. He is the first singer from YouTube to actually make it to the “big league”. He has two albums and two world tours.

In 2010 he won 4 awards, two for videos and two as an artist. He has been a guest in many talk shows and he has also performed for president Obama and his wife at the White House. There is a problem with crowd control when he performs due to large number of preteen girls who cause riots when he shows up.

There have been several cases of minor injuries among fans during his performances, because of the “crowd crush”. His impeccable voice is now changing because of puberty. He now has to sing in lower keys than before, but he says that some of the best vocal coaches in the world are helping him go through this period.

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