How Much Water to Drink a Day to Lose Weight

You are on a diet and want to know how much water to drink to lose weight. There are many diets that include increased water intake in order to reduce your appetite. There are also those who suggest that reducing water intake will help you become lighter. Human body is composed of great percentage of water. We can say that the greater part of out body is made of water.

Water is much needed for normal functioning of your organism and you must take sufficient amounts of it every day. Dehydration can cause serious disturbances in your body, so you have to take care of your water intake. Your daily needs depend on several factors.

How Much Water to Drink

First, your needed water supplies depend on your own organism. Some people just drink a lot of water, while others don’t. The second important factor is the climate. Climate conditions affect out dehydration rate and we spend more fluid in the summer. It is normal that we drink more water during the hot summer days because we need to make up all the supplies we lost due to sweating and high air temperature. Your life style also affects your needs for water. For example, if you are an athlete, you spend more energy and fluids, and your metabolism is faster. You will drink more water if you are engaged in physical activities. Your age also has to do with your daily requirements. Your diet is crucial. If you consume much salt, you will drink more water. Spicy foods can also create increased need for water. If you are on a diet, you probably know that you should reduce the amount of salt in your meals. This makes sense, since salt leads to water retention in your body.

How Much Water to Drink a Day to Lose Weight

Water can be helpful in reducing your appetite. If you drink one or two glasses of water before your meals, it will reduce your appetite. Of course, you will have to make some efforts regarding your own self-control. Drinking water during your meal will also help you fill up much faster and you will need less food. The average amount is two or three glasses, but it depends on your own body.

After everything we said, you can see that there is no a universal measure that can be applied to all people. It all depends on your lifestyle and your own body. However, there can be a universal answer: you should drink enough water! It doesn’t really sound precise, but actually, it is. Your body “knows” how much water it needs. You will be thirsty and as soon as you have a glass of water, your body will be satisfied. That is the way your body is telling you it needs some water. You should never avoid drinking water if you are feeling thirsty. There are theories that if you drink less, you ill lose weight. The truth is quite the opposite. It will only look like you have lost some weight, but you will just drain out your body. Your body fats (the ones you wanted to lose) will stay where they are. You can cause serious physical disturbances in your organism. This is called dehydration. It can harm your health. As soon as you start feeling the thirst, you will drink some water and your old weight will be back again.

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