How Many Weeks Are in a Year 2011

How many weeks are in a year 2011? The answer to this simple question is 52 weeks and one day. Every other year consists of 52 weeks, except a leap year, which consists of 53 weeks and two days. However, this question is not true for some countries. In US and a great majority of countries, a seven-day week is the official week period, but in some countries, traditional calendars say that week has three, five, six or even eight days. Throughout history, we have had examples of different counting of time. For a seven-day week we can thank Roman culture, but even earlier there were some traces in Judaism, that confirmed that a seven-day week was known even before.

Different Calendars

• Roman Empire managed to make changes in counting – from eight days to seven days per week. This also had some religious implications, because the bible said that God created the world in seven days.

• After this, Julian calendar was replaced with Georgian calendar but the seven-day week remained (except in few orthodox countries). Some countries such as former USSR experimented with five days per week for a few years, then six days per week (also for a few years), but there were too many confusions with national holidays and working days, so they switched to seven days per week. In addition, there was a period when France was using an interesting counting system. Here, a week consisted of ten days. Very soon, they discovered all the disadvantages of such counting and transferred to modern counting.

• The system of counting that is being used nowadays is actually defined in international standards. This is so because there are many differences between countries.  Can you imagine what it would be like if you took off from New York on Monday and land on Paris airport on Saturday because they count time differently? This was also the case because of modern business, which does not recognize boundaries. So, when a company manager in France says his/her assistant to call a manager in Los Angeles on Monday, can you imagine the confusion if he calls on Thursday?

• Although there are still countries with their traditional calendars, today every country has a standard according to which every week consists of seven days. On the other hand, the modern calendar also has its imperfections, but it is the best we have. We cannot order our planet to rotate slower or faster so we can have identical calendars. And the one we have says there are 52 weeks every year with one or two days over this number.

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