How Many Rings Does Saturn Have

How many rings does Saturn have? We have already told you about Saturn and its moons. But the most interesting thing about Saturn are its rings. This is what makes this planet unique and different from all other planets of the solar system. Saturn has got its name after a Roman god. The Greek version of this name is Kronos and the Hindu name is Shani. This planet is the second largest (the largest is Jupiter). Saturn is one of the Jovian planets. These are the gas planets: Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. Did you know that the word “Saturday” comes from “Saturn”? Saturn has very low density, even lower than our water. It is composed of helium and hydrogen. Harder substances can only be found inside the core. This means that you wouldn’t be able to stand on Saturn, since there is no a real surface there.

Saturn Rings

During the first half of the seventeen century, Galileo was trying to find out what these rings were. He thought that they were the two Saturn moons. Shortly after that, Christian Huygens discovered the rings. He simply had a better telescope and that helped him see the rings clearer. He could even tell that rings were made of particles.

What Are Saturn Rings Composed of?

Saturn rings are composed of small ice particles. These chunks are made of ice and the best proof for that is the fact that they reflect a lot of light. If they were made of rock, they wouldn’t be able to reflect much light.

Saturn rings are as old as our solar system. It is difficult to say how old they are precisely, but it is assumed that they are as old as other planets of the solar system. However, some scientists claim that rings are not that old, since they are just too clean.

How Many Rings Does Saturn Have?

Sometimes we cannot see the rings. Nevertheless, they are always there, we just cannot always see them. The position of Saturn changes and this is the reason why we cannot always see the rings. This is the very reason why it is difficult to tell the exact number of Saturn rings. Scientists believe that there are more than ten of them. There are probably more than twelve Saturn rings. You can see ten or twelve of them with a good telescope. But, if seen from a spacecraft, it looks like Saturn has nearly 30 rings.

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