How Many People Are There in the World Right Now

When it comes to world population, the figures keep changing all the time so if you asked: “How many people are there in the world right now?” the answer would require some research work.

According to statistics, there are approximately 6,873,395,426 people living on our planet in this moment. There are more sources reporting on these figures, but all of them seem to provide very similar information. The population growth rate in1950s and it reached nearly 1.79 %, in 1970 reached approximately 2.19 % and decreased to 1.09 % in 2009. According to estimations, the birth rate will probably remain the same as it is, while the death rate may grow higher. When it comes to the world population, it is obvious that we are heading to some 7 billion. Experts believe that in thirty years from now, the number of people living on Earth will be as high as 7.39 billion. In forty years from now, there will probably be as much as 10 billion inhabitants!

When reading those estimations, we should be aware that they are based on different variables. Different projections take different variables into consideration so the results vary. There are many uncertainties regarding this issue, because the trends of growth may be only predicted in short term, not in the long run. This is so because of many factors interfering with one another. Technology development will go on, but it may result in unhealthy environment, which can further lead to diseases, infertility and increased death rate.

There were arguments that some parts of the planet are overcrowded while others are quite unpopulated. Using these regions and making them more suitable for living could solve the problem of space. Taking care of the environment and ecology friendly behavior will most certainly contribute to solving this issue. Food problem will also have to be solved.

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