How Many People Are in the United States 2010

We all know that there are many people living in the United States, including immigrants, too; but how many people are there in the United States in 2010 exactly? There are about 300,006,960 people living in the United States of America right now. Every seven second another baby is born. Every twelve seconds there is one death in the U. S. and every thirty-seven seconds there is one immigrant coming to the United States.

There are many immigrants in the United States today. In 1965 , the liberalization of American immigration policy was carried out. By 2008, there were about 1,046,540 immigrants in the U.S. who came from India, the Philippines and Mexico. This resulted in cultural mixture but in certain problems as well. One of the problems that the U. S. is constantly facing is illegal immigration, especially from Mexico. In 1998 Bill Clinton stated that the immigrants were quite welcome in the United States, but this problem is still present today just like it was ten years ago.

There were several attempts to regulate this issue but it is still a problem to deal with. It brought to another change regarding the demography: immigrants usually live in the areas populated by those of the same ethnicity. People keep immigrating to the United States although many of them have reported discrimination on racial or ethnic basis. Nevertheless, people are still very persistent to come to work in the United States. Obviously, it still holds the old reputation of a “promised land”.

After the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, native Americans seem to be pretty reserved about new immigrants. The legal and political status of refugees and those who seek an asylum is different than the status of those who immigrate because of employment. This issue is legally regulated in more efficient way and general attitude towards these people is different than the attitude towards the illegal immigrants.

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