How Many Moons Does Saturn Have

How many moons does Saturn have? This planet is composed of ice and rock. Saturn is known for its rings consisted of rock and ice. It is believed that the number of Saturn moons is 62 (minimum). The largest moon is Titan, followed by Rhea, which is the second-largest Saturn moon. Other moons are quite small comparing to the previous two and composed mostly of ice.

Titan was discovered and named by Christiaan Huygens. Rhea, the second-largest moon of Saturn, is airless (it has no air at all), and its surface is composed of craters with different densities. Tethys is the next moon of Saturn; then there are Mimas, Enceladus (discovered in 1789; Enceladus has considerably smoother surface than the previousĀ one (Mimas); it is also much brighter); Lapteus and Calypso are also well known.

Saturn is second in largeness, right after Jupiter. It classifies it as gigantic planet. Together, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter it makes the group of Jovian planets which means that these planets are similar to Jupiter. The first time Saturn was visited was in 1979. It was pictured back then, but those photos were quite poor in quality and could not show how Saturn surface or moons surfaces looked like. In 1980, there was another successful visit to Saturn. Voyager 1 sent pictures of Saturn that were much better in quality so more could be seen and learnt about this planet. One year after, another visit to Saturn was made by Voyager 2 and this time more pictures were taken in order to ease further studying of Saturn.

There are some interesting facts about Saturn in astrology. It is related to certain kinds of restrictions, limits reality sense and pragmatism. Saturn has to do with career, success and authority and discipline.

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