How Many Calories to Lose Weight

How many calories to lose weight? This question is a frequently asked one, not just by women but men as well. We all know that the foods high in calories can make you overweight and even ill. Eating too many calories a day can lead not only to bad looks but to health problems. People who already have weight problem are probably trying to lose weight and this is not always easy to do.

Different people have different metabolism and this is quite an individual matter. People have different daily needs due to their daily activities. In average, an adult person needs between 1300 and 1500 calories for functioning. It is true that cutting down calories may help you loose weight. But you do this non-gradually and suddenly – you will also cause the problem to your own body. Your metabolism will also become slower. If you want to lose some weight, you should reduce your daily calorie intake; however, it is more important that you increase your physical activity and burn some calories.

400 to 500 hundred calories less than usual should result in some changes. You can choose how to reduce your calories. You can reduce your daily intake for three hundred calories and burn out the rest two hundred by doing some sports, running or walking. Do not starve yourself. There is no need to give away your favorite foods. All you have to do is to make your meal size smaller. That way you will not really miss your favorite foods, but you will not be getting more weight. Reducing your meal should not be extreme. This should be done gradually. Your body will get used to smaller portions and there will be no sudden changes that can disturb your metabolism or cause other problems. Physical activity will help you boost your metabolism.

You should consult a nutritionist and ask for an advice. You should learn how to combine different foods. Your meal quality also has a lot to do with your weight. If you really like pizza or hamburger, you can eat them once or twice a week, but your portion should be considerably smaller than usual. Share your meal with someone. Do not wait until you are too hungry. That way you will only lose control over your own hunger and you’ll probably eat too much without even noticing! Also, if you eat during the night, this will only result in more kilograms.

If you have any health problems, your doctor must know about your plan to lose weight. Do not do anything without consulting your doctor.

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