How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day

Control Your Calorie Intake

“How many calories should I eat a day?” is a very common question. Nearly every man or woman is interested to learn more about calories intake that is needed for healthy weight. If you want to know more about this important issue, read our article.

Calories are needed for normal body functioning. Daily calorie intake has to be well-balanced in order to maintain normal body weight and avoid any possible health problems. We know that overweight often causes health problems and affects diabetes, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day to Lose Weight?

Besides, being obese can prevent you from enjoying life the way you deserve. Obesity can prevent you from engaging in physical activity; sometimes even walking can be hard and can make you very tired. Playing and walking with your pet, kids or grandchildren, running, riding bicycle, doing housework – all that can be difficult to do if you suffer from obesity. However, these problems are not the end of the story about obesity.

Being overweight can seriously harm your health. Cholesterol levels can go wild, so as your blood pressure. It can lead to heart problems and diabetes. Patients who already suffer from these problems are strongly advised to change their diet. Doctors and nutritionists can help you calculate how many calories you should eat in order to lose weight. It all depends on the number of kilograms you are planning to lose. In addition, your daily routine, going to work and other activities should be included in your diet plan. Try to walk on your way to or from work, go for a walk late in the afternoon or in the evening; do some useful house work, which will help you burn some calories.

If you have five hundred calories less every day, it can help you lose weight naturally and gradually. Keep in mind that gradual weigh loss is the only healthy way to do this. You can reduce your calorie intake for some two or three hundred calories and other two hundred calories can be burnt by engaging in some physical activity.

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day to Gain Weight?

If you just want to maintain your present weight, you will have to control it. Keep on with your healthy habits. Take care of your portion size and food quality. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid fatty foods, especially fatty meats. If you are exposed to physical exertions every day, you need to take enough calories but not too much.

Your body needs are different in the summer from the needs it has during the winter season. During the summer months, you need more fluids and you can eat more fresh fruits and consume natural juices, while in summer your meals must include more carbohydrates and proteins as well. However, if you take into account your height and your energy needs, you can easily calculate your calorie needs.

Gaining weight also depends on your metabolism. If your metabolism is slow, you will easy gain some weight. However, people with fast metabolism have less chance to gain weight and some of them have problems with being underweight.

Women do not consider this to be a problem, but men usually do. That is normal, since men like to look strong and have good muscles. If you want to gain weight, do it gradually. That way your body will get used to more calories and you won’t have any problems. Eat foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates and start exercising. Exercise will help you get some muscles and you will eventually succeed in gaining some healthy weight.

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