How Many Calories Do I Need a Day

How many calories do I need a day? This is a common question, asked by both men and women. People who are trying to lose some weight, or those who want to keep their present weight, are often concerned about the calories they eat during the day. We will try to give you some answers. First of all, you must know that this is an individual thing. The number of calories you need a day depends on several factors. Your metabolism rate is one of the most important factors. Your physical activity and life style are also very important. Finally, the number of calories you need a day will depend on your goal. If you want to lose weight, you will have to reduce calories.

If you want to keep your present weight, all you need to do is calculate your daily needs and stick to that number. If you want to gain weight, you will have to increase your calorie intake. Let us see how many calories you need on average.

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How Many Calories a Day?

• If you want to keep your present weight, you will have to calculate how many calories you really need a day. This is not so difficult – all you have to do is consider your gender, age, activities, life style and metabolism rate. If you can’t do it yourself, you can ask for some help. Talk to your nutritionist about this and make a diet plan.

•If you are a young girl, with regular physical activity, you will need between 1800 and 2000 calories, but this will depend on your height and metabolism rate. If you are a woman in your thirties, your calorie needs will be lower. You will probably need some 300 calories less. These are just average values and this may vary, depending on your metabolism and activities.

• If you are a male, you will need 200 or 300 calories more than women normally need. If you are a professional athlete, you will need even more calories – 400 or 500 calories more!

• If you want to gain some weight, you will need some 300 calories more. Of course, if you want to gain muscles, you will have to start with some physical activity and eat 300 or 400 calories more. It is important where you get your calories. The foods you eat should be nutritious, but healthy. Avoid junk food and fatty meals. These foods contain a lot of cholesterol, fats and carbohydrates, but they are low in healthy nutrients.

• If you want to lose weight, you will have to reduce your calories for 400. You can do this by reducing your meals. Regular physical activity can help you burn more calories, but you shouldn’t exaggerate. You can reduce calories for 300, and burn 100 or 200 calories by having some physical activity.

• Before you start with exercising, you should discuss this with your doctor. These were just average values. If you want to calculate the exact number of calories you need a day, you should ask an expert to help you.

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