How Many Calories are in an Apple Pie

So you like apples and want to know how many calories are in an apple pie slice? If you are asking this question, it probably means that you are interested to know about your daily calorie intake. If you are on a diet, this is important. But it is equally important to know how many calories you eat during the day, even if you are not on any diet. Daily calorie intake may affect your health in a positive or in a rather negative way – it all depends on you.

If you are on a diet and still long for a slice of an apple pie and just can’t help it – there are several things you can do about it. First, let’s say that there are about 380 calories in on e slice of an apple pie. That is the average. Actually it depends on a slice size and also highly depends on how it is made. If there is much sugar or fats in it, there will probably be more than 410 calories. Some people like to add more sugar into the apple mass and some prefer not to.

If you really like sweet apple pie, maybe you could consider using sugar-free sweeteners. If you do not like it that sweet, it’s even better for you since you will only use the natural sugar contained in the apples you use for your pie. We also know that the wheat flour you will have to use when making the apple pie also has pretty much calories in it, so try to use more apples and less flour mass.

The most important thing is always a self control. Now that you know ho many calories there are in an apple pie slice, you will have to stick to just one slice or even less, if you want your diet to work. No matter how much you like an apple pie, remember that it will make you feel guilty later. So don’t over do it, but enjoy with control!

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