How Long Does Xanax Stay in Your System

What is Xanax and how long does Xanax stay in your system? Xanax is a sedative drug also known as Alprazolam. It is used in treating anxiety and other psychical disorders like depression and panic. It also helps in muscle relaxing.

This drug acts very fast, as soon as during the first week of using. It can cause a physical addiction so if you are planning to stop using it, your doctor will have to reduce the dose gradually in order to avoid the effect of withdrawal. In case you suddenly stop taking this medication, there is a chance for you to experience problems like pain in the abdomen, cramps, depression, inability to sleep, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. However, suicidal thoughts do not occur in many cases, but rage and hostility (sometimes even aggressive behavior) are more common and should me taken care of in time. Those effects can be quite serious so don’t let them prolong and consult your doctor about this issue.

Xanax stays in your system for a day or two. This refers to immediate release version as well as to extended release version of Xanax. So it is quite clear that Xanax (any version of it) does not stay in you body for a long time. This isn’t a problem at all. If you have taken Xanax you can expect it to leave your organism in a day or two. But the real question is what to do next, especially if you have been using Xanax for a very long time.

Again, consult your physician. The effects of withdrawal can be mild in the beginning, but may turn rather severe later. If you spend much time alone or live alone, you may not even notice that there is something wrong because there is no one beside you to see that your behavior is changed. Even if you notice that your mood is changed, you may not be able to understand why and this can only prolong the withdrawal symptoms.

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