How Long Does It Take to Get a Masters Degree in Psychology

How long does it take to get a master’s degree in psychology? Answer to this question is not easy, so we won’t try simplifying it. Before you start your studies, you should think about many things.


Many students are confused about their degrees or don’t know what degree they should aim for. This situation is so because many students don’t have a clear goal in career or even about what to do after. In addition to this, when you are enrolling a specific college, you know what you want, but by the time you get to finish it, you loose that clear aim. Psychology is not different at all. After you have gained a bachelor’s degree, you should think whether you really need a master’s degree or not.

Job Opportunities

Although it is true that you get much more job opportunities with masters degree than with bachelor’s degree, it is also true that some positions in psychology don’t require master’s degree. Furthermore, obtaining a master’s degree is time and money consuming so you really should think twice whether you need it or not.

Time Frame

Bachelor’s degree is basically a three-year program. In order to study for master’s degree you should choose your major study to be from psychology field. There are some graduate schools that allow you to have some courses in psychology rather than bachelor’s degree, but you should aim for what is widely recognized. After this, if you have chosen to advance your psychology knowledge, you go to a graduate school, where you have to spend at least two more years studying. We say “at least” because, many students don’t have prepared finances, but have to work part or full time. There are students who are supporting members of their family as well. So when you count all this in, it seems that, time to get a master’s degree in psychology could be somewhere between 5 and 7 years.

Many of us dream of a career where we could save someone, make their life better, but the truth is that for a marriage counselor or school psychologist you only have to have 4 years of undergraduate school.

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