How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last

How long does implantation bleeding last? First, we should get acquainted with the term “implantation bleeding”. This would be a bleeding or spotting, several days before your period. And yes – it is a definite signal that you are pregnant. We’ve seen a lot of comments on this subject, and women are often confused because you are usually told that if you have a period you are not pregnant. However, this is not an “ordinary” period; in fact, sometimes you won’t experience bleeding at all or you will experience spotting.

How Does This Happen?

After your ovulation, the egg that has been fertilized travels to the uterus and there it burrows itself in the lining of the uterus. This lining plays a major role during your pregnancy, because it helps your child to receive nutritious material during all 9 months of pregnancy. Well, this burrowing or implantation can cause some bleeding. Of course, not every bleeding before your period is implantation bleeding, but if you start bleeding a week before and your secretion looks different, there is a great chance this is just it.

Many scientist suggest that this period could last somewhere from 0 to 13 days. Let us explain the “0”… We put zero, because this is not the case with the majority of women and it can vary from woman to woman. Some women do not bleed at all, or the amount of blood is so small that they don’t even notice it. While using a toilet paper, a lot of women do not even see the reddish spot or they can put it out of mind. But for some, this bleeding can be very long, up to 13 days which is the longest implantation bleeding recorded, and it can be followed by mild cramps and headache, similar to the symptoms of menstruation that occur in some women. If your menstruation is unusual in any way, maybe you should buy a test, just to be sure.

This phenomenon is not yet completely explained and although we may know why it is caused, we still don’t know why all women don’t have implantation bleeding. Some of the latest researches give us hope that we will know a lot more about our body in years to come.

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