How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay in Your System for a Urine Test

How long does Hydrocodone stay in your system for a urine test and what is Hydrocodone? Hydrocodone is a pain killer belonging to the group of active narcotics. It is used in treating pain. This drug is frequently abused. One of the reasons for that is its availability.

Side effects of this drug include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, excessive sweating and constipation. There can also be allergies and problems like mood swings, nervousness, heartbeat changes, rashes and problems with urinating. Withdrawal side effects can be quite serious. They include strong pain, excessive sweating, nervousness, anxiety, fever and strong urge to take the drug. When mixed with alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, barbiturates (and some other drugs), Hydrocodone can lead to heart attack, kidney failures, liver failures, seizures and even coma.

This drug is quite available so it is no wonder that the rate of abuse is increasing, especially when it comes to young people who use it occasionally. But this doesn’t make the problem less dangerous since physical addiction is quite possible. The problem with Hydrocodone (which is also known by its street names, Hydro, Norco and Vikes) is that people do not know enough facts about this drug and use it irresponsibly. There were cases of coma and heart failures due to Hydrocodone abuse and mixing it with alcohol and other substances.

Hydrocodone stays in your system for three to four days. If you are about to take a urine test, you should know that Hydrocodone will stay in your urine for that period of time. If your doctor has prescribed you this drug, you are probably well informed about its possible side effects. If you are taking Hydrocodone without your doctor’s knowledge, you should stop taking it and talk to your physician about any problem you have.

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