How Long Does a Miscarriage Last

Miscarriage Is a Painful Experience for Every Woman

How long does a miscarriage last? A miscarriage is a spontaneously occurring loss of pregnancy also known as spontaneous abortion. It occurs in early pregnancy and it is also much more likely to happen if a woman conceived in her late thirties or later. Causes include genetic factors, uterine abnormality or infection, hormonal (progesterone) irregularities, and autoimmune response of the body – embryo rejection.  One of the first signs of miscarriage is a light spotting of blood that gradually becomes heavier.

For most women, however, bleeding is something they will readily encounter during the first couple of weeks of pregnancy and thus it cannot be regarded as a definite sign that a miscarriage has occurred. Statistics have shown that more than a half of women who do experience bleeding in this period are likely to suffer from miscarriage or other problems related to pregnancy.

The Symptoms of Miscarriage

Apart from bleeding, one of the most common indicators of a miscarriage is cramping or otherwise a very strong pain in the abdominal area. Mild pain in the lower back is also often reported. Bleeding and cramping in most cases intensify before the final expulsion of placenta and other tissue material from the uterus. Some women do not experience any bleeding whatsoever.

It is impossible to say for sure how long a miscarriage may last since it depends on various factors and each case is specific. The duration therefore may vary from only a couple of days to few weeks or more – severe spotting and cramping can resolve within one week but in certain cases it may last for a few weeks. Basically, these symptoms will last as long as the body is engaged in the process of removing all the tissue. There is no clear way of knowing for how long the body will be dealing with all the pregnancy tissues. Two weeks is the period that designates the time scope for most naturally ended pregnancies, even though there have been numerous examples of pregnancy loss settling after one or two days. If a strong pain along with cramps persists for more than two weeks, it is a very clear sign that the body is unable to remove the tissue completely. Such cases have to be reported to the doctor immediately, since there can be serious infection and it can generate a number of new complications. If necessary, the remaining tissue will be removed surgically.

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