How Are Tornadoes Formed

Tornadoes Can Create Disasters

How are tornadoes formed? There has been a little progress in our knowledge about tornadoes. Although they happen in other parts of the world as well, we can say that 95% of all tornadoes are reported in North America and especially in USA. By the definition, a tornado is a violent and very destructive wind storm with a very prominent and characteristic funnel shape that touches the ground. Winds inside and around a tornado can vary and go up to 300 mph or even higher, so they leave only wasteland and devastation behind.

How Is a Tornado Formed?

• The explanation of a tornado forming is not very clear, but the most common is, that they are formed due to a collision of a worm and cold front, creating a storm cell, which can later produce twisters.

• Beside this, for the twister to be created, many factors must be involved, so that is the reason why they are not seen in all parts of America.

• Scientists believe that tornadoes form only in certain situations, when the cold air is up and the warm front is below. In a mutual struggle, warm air is trying to go up, and the cold air is trying to come down. This creates a situation where air pressure is extremely low, leading to creation of a cloud that will be a high base of a twister. In the meantime, warm and cold air motion will create swirling winds that will start rotating this base cloud. As the speed of the wind increases, the pressure keeps dropping. Then the leach starts to descend to the ground and touchdown – we have a twister. Usually, before twister we can have a hailstorm that can warn us that a tornado is close.


• Violence and destructive force of these windstorms are categorized by the speed of the winds circling around. In a categorization from F1 to F6, tornadoes of the F1 strength are marked as not very violent, which don’t inflict much of damage, but the F5 tornado has 300 mph winds that wreak havoc on surrounding areas. Furthermore, these tornadoes last the longest, so they are capable to cross a very large area. The F6 tornado is the worst possible kind and scientists believe that if these tornadoes were born, it would cause unimaginable consequences. The destructive force of these winds, have been itching our imagination for a long time.

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