How Are Hurricanes Formed

How are hurricanes formed? Hurricanes are known as the most destructive windstorms that are often characterized by rain and great destruction. These storms can be extremely violent, destroying everything around the area. Most people have heard of hurricanes, but very few of us actually know how these are formed. Let us learn more about the true nature of hurricanes and the way they are formed.

Facts about Hurricanes: How Do They Form?

• As we said, hurricanes can be defined as strong and very violent storms. There have to be certain conditions under which these storms can form.

• Such conditions include warm water, going above eighty F, and having the depth of more than a hundred and fifty feet. Low pressure is also one of the conditions needed for a hurricane to form. The particular force that results from the Earth’s rotation is another factor that causes hurricanes. The ocean air that is moist is also a contributing factor to hurricane formation.

• When these conditions are present, hurricanes are likely to occur. Most hurricanes start as tropical storms. They gain more power, using warm air above the surface of ocean. The low pressure occurs right at the storm surface, and the winds that blow in the opposite direction will propel these formation. The winds are very fast and strong. The warmth in the air is rising, and the pressure will get lower and lower. Then, the vacuum that was created will get filled because more air will be drawn. Because of this, the storm will get more intense. The speed and intensity of the storm will increase. That will result in hurricane. This can take some time, although some hurricanes form very fast. Some hurricanes take several hours to form, while others take several days. During this time, the storm intensity can either increase or decrease. This will depend on all conditions needed for the hurricanes to form and develop.

• Many people do not know the difference between cyclone, hurricane and the typhoon. All these terms are used to describe one same occurrence, but they are used in different areas of the world. The exact name for this type of storms would be “a tropical storm”, but they are also categorized as hurricanes (in the Pacific and Atlantic region), cyclones (in the Bengal region) and typhoons (in the area of Western Pacific).

• Some of these storms can take an entire year to form. They can be extremely destructive. If we know that they need so much time to form, most of us will assume that predicting these storms won’t be too difficult. However, even if we would be able to predict them, we could not do much to stop them. The damage they cause is usually great and they have already taken many lives.

• Now you know more about how the hurricanes are formed. These storms can be very interesting to study, although they are dangerous and extremely violent. Today, there are methods that can be used for reducing the strength of these storms, but these methods are not always successful.

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