Heart Attack Symptoms in Men

What Are the Symptoms of a Heart Attack?

Here you can read about heart attack symptoms in men. Heart attack symptoms in men are different from heart attack symptoms in women. Before we describe the symptoms of a heart attack, let us see what a heart attack really is. Heart attack happens in situations when the blood supply in interrupted by a blood clot. This can destroy or damage the heart muscle. A heart attack is also known as myocardial infarction. Heart attacks can be lethal, but if you know the symptoms, you can prevent this in time. Many methods are successfully used in saving the lives of patients. Many people ignore the symptoms, believing it’s nothing. To prevent complications, learn more about heart attack symptoms.

– Chest pain

This pain is a squeezing sensation and it occurs in the chest center. It usually lasts for several minutes. The pain is often accompanied by pressure in the chest. Chest pain can spread to other parts of the body, like back, shoulders and jaw.

– Abdominal Pain

This pain is often mistaken for other symptoms and it is usually ignored.

– Discomfort

If you experience both pain and discomfort, you must call the emergency help right away.

– Shortness of breath

It happens because there is not enough blood and oxygen, so a person is unable to breathe normally.

– Fainting

Fainting can be caused by other conditions, too, but it is a common symptom of a heart attack.

– Excessive sweating

Sweating is also one of the symptoms of heart attack in men.

– A feeling of lightheadedness

Lightheaded feeling is also a warning sign.

– Vomiting and nausea

These are the common symptoms of many conditions. Heart attack is of the most serious conditions accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

– Anxiety

Anxiety is also one of the symptoms, but it rather looks like a panic attack.

– Heartburn

These symptoms may vary, depending on many factors. However, if you experience any of those, do not wait, but call the Emergency immediately. Their staff is well trained to revive a patient’s heart in case it has stopped pumping blood. If a person is taken care of in time, this increases his chances for a successful recovery. Heart attacks can be lethal and they take away lives worldwide. People wrongly believe that heart attacks are more common in older people. This is not true. A heart attack can happen to anyone, regardless of his age, gender and other factors. However, a healthy life style and good habits can help you prevent this serious condition. Moderate physical activity and well balanced diet can be very helpful and beneficial to your heart. There are foods that are especially good for both blood and the heart.

If you have had a heart attack, your doctor has probably told you what you should do to prevent it from happening again. Prevention includes walking, moderate physical activities, healthy foods, weight loss, spending time in fresh air and – positive thoughts. You probably know that you must avoid any kind of stress. Researches have shown that stress is extremely bad for the heart.

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