HCG Levels after Miscarriage

Blood Tests Show HCG Levels

Here you can read more about HCG levels after miscarriage. Human gonadotropin chorionicor (HCG) is a hormone produced by your placenta cells and it is often used to confirm pregnancy. Many pregnancy tests are based on quantity/ levels of this hormone. Normal non-pregnant female would have this hormone level below 4 mlU/ml, so the test which confirms HCG levels below 5 mlU/ml is a negative result for pregnancy; on the other hand, levels ranging above 25 mlU/ml are positive index for pregnancy.

HCG Levels

One thing you are probably told often enough is that – we are all different.

Although, today’s medicine has issued predictions, expectations, normal range for anything concerning your body, but the general truth is that even when your results are not in this range, they may be normal for you. HCG levels during pregnancy, double up and more every two or three days, so at their highest level they are very high and range between 30000mlU/ml to 300000mlU/ml. They reach this level around the thirteenth week.

Unfortunately, some women don’t carry out their pregnancy due to various problems. Whatever the reason is, you still have to monitor HCG levels. Doctors will tell you that HCG levels should be back to normal in four to six weeks, but that is also individual. This ”going back to normal state” process for some women can finish in shorter time. That also depends on various factors: how long you have been pregnant before a miscarriage and how high the level of this hormone was in that moment. Some women are back to normal in just a few days and for others it takes as much as 7 weeks. The safest way to know what to expect is to consult your doctor and to have a few check ups.

As you will probably be told (or not), high level of this hormone along with cramps or bleeding can indicate a greater problem, but you should not think pessimistic because in many cases it turns out to be a minor problem. You are probably told that for a new attempt to get pregnant, you should wait until HCG levels are back to normal (you will be told that you can’t ovulate otherwise). However, the truth is that there are chances for a woman to get pregnant again lot before her HCG levels are considered normal.

Sometimes doctors don’t have enough time to explain everything or they just think we are supposed to know everything, so you have to look up your answers on the web. Unfortunately, this is just the way to inform you about HCG levels. For any specific question regarding pregnancy and problems that are related to your HCG levels, you will have to visit your doctor.

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