What is groovemonitor.exe? If you are using Microsoft Office 2007, you must have groovemonitor.exe in your computer. You are probably wondering what it is and why it is running. groovemonitor.exe comes with Microsoft Office 2007 and its role is to allow collaboration between you and other people whose computers have other versions of Word. As you can see, groovemonitor.exe is not harmful to your computer. It is a useful file and you should not remove it from your system. It allows your documents to be synced with those of your coworkers.

groovemonitor.exe can’t endanger your computer, but you can experience some errors. If this happens, it means that you may have a virus in your system. Some viruses can use groovemonitor.exe to camouflage themselves.

A malicious program can pretend to be groovemonitor.exe, causing problems in your system. You should run a scan and determine whether you have any malicious program or not. Just make sure you have an efficient antivirus protection.

Although groovemonitor.exe is useful, your MS Office can run without it. However, you will need groovemonitor.exe in case you need to sync your documents to those of your coworkers. Therefore, it is better for you to keep this process in your system.

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If you still want to remove it, here is how to do it. Go to the Start menu and click Run. Type msconfig and hit Enter. Go to the “startup” and there you will see the GrooveMonitor. Uncheck the box to disable groovemonitor.exe. Next thing is to see how your Microsoft Office works without groovemonitor.exe. If you need it anytime, you can follow the same instructions and just check the GrooveMonitor box to enable it again.

Again, there is no need to disable this process, since it cannot do any harm to your system. You should only delete files that can cause problems, like malicious programs pretending to be legitimate files. To determine if you have any malware, scan your computer.

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