Genital Herpes Symptoms in Men

Here you can read about genital herpes symptoms in men. Genital herpes is one of the sexually transmitted diseases. This disease is very common. It is caused by viruses called Herpes Simplex Virus I and Herpes Simplex Virus II. The first symptoms usually show up two weeks after the infection. The second type (HSV II) is more dangerous, since it usually shows no symptoms at all. HSV I is the one that shows some visible symptoms. Genital herpes can be transmitted easily, since it is transmitted through skin contact. That means that even condoms are not efficient enough to protect you from genital herpes. Let us find out more about this disease and its symptoms. As we said, this is a very common disease. Nearly 1 of 5 people have genital herpes. Many of them are not even aware that they suffer from it, so they can transmit it without even knowing about it.

Genital Herpes Symptoms in Men

• During the early stage of genital herpes infection, a man can experience itching in his genital area.

• Sores are also possible in the genital area.

• Small blisters are likely to occur just several days after this itchy feeling.

• There can also be some yellowish discharge form the penis.

• Cold sores around the mouth are also possible symptoms of genital herpes.

• Swelling of the lymph nodes is also one of the symptoms.

• Your entire body can get weaker and you may experience pain in the whole body. This can be accompanied by pain in joints, too.

Keep in mind that these symptoms can come back, even after you have treated them. In fact, genital herpes cannot be completely cured. You can only treat the symptoms and prevent them from getting worse. Genital herpes symptoms are likely to reoccur once your immune system gets weaker due to flu or cold. Several types of medications are available for treating genital herpes. However, you must never take any of these without your doctor’s knowledge. Before you start any treatment, you must make sure that this really is genital herpes. Visit your dermatologist to see what it is. It can be something else, so you must not apply any therapy on your own. Genital herpes symptoms usually go away within two weeks, but you should still see your doctor.

Sexual education is very important, especially for young and inexperienced individuals. If your child is a teenager, you must tell him/her about sexually transmitted diseases. All of these diseases can be prevented and avoided. Condoms remain the best protection against various diseases, but sometimes condoms can’t help you. Genital herpes is transmitted through skin contact, so condoms cannot be helpful in such situations. Nevertheless, you should always use them, since they can prevent other more serious sexually transmitted diseases.

We hope this article will help you recognize the symptoms of genital herpes in time. If you detect it early, you will have more chances to treat it without any major complications.

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