Genetically Modified Foods Pros and Cons

What are genetically modified foods pros and cons? What are genetically modified foods and what are they used for? We will try to answer these questions. GMF (genetically modified foods) are not grown or produced in the usual way (like any other foods) – they are engineered. This technology is not only used in plants; we also use it in animals. Why do we use genetically modified foods? There are several reasons.

Genetically Modified Foods Pros

In genetically modified foods production, we can affect quality of these foods to prevent allergies or other problems that occur in some people. In addition, some of these foods are being worked on in order to help in preventing or curing certain illnesses.

Today, we can buy genetically modified corn, cantaloupe, soybean, eggplants, cotton, carrots, strawberries, tomatoes etc. As you can see, some of the most common foods are being engineered using this technology. Sometimes we are not even able to tell the difference. However, some visual differences can be seen. For example, genetically modified foods look much more perfect that ‘regular’ foods. They are larger and more perfect in color and shape. The next good thing about genetically modified foods can also be the short time needed for their production, as well as simple conditions needed for their growth.

It is also believed that the process of producing foods turns out to be less expensive. They seem to be more resistant to harmful influences from the environment. It is also believed that these foods have better taste and healthier nutrients that the regular foods. Generally, their production is easier and the result can be predicted. It is not the case in regular foods.

Genetically Modified Foods Cons

Now, let us reconsider some cons. First, there can be some negative effects when it comes to humans. There are claims that these foods can lead to development of certain diseases, like cancer. Another bad side of genetically modified foods is that we simply do not know enough about them. This technology is still new for the most of us and we are not completely aware of all the benefits or negative effects of those foods. Many people argue that these foods should not be consumed, for many different reasons. One of those reasons has to do with mixing animal and plant genes, which is considered to be unnatural. There are also beliefs that genetically modified foods do not really have ‘normal’ taste and they can never be like ‘regular, natural’ foods. What do you think about this?

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