Five Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Here you can read about five ways to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism can be defined as taking someone else’ s work and signing it as if it’s yours. This is a very bad thing to do, because you cannot just take other people’s work. Imagine that you have devoted your whole life to some kind of work.

How would you feel if someone else signed your work and took all the credit? It is wrong to steal from people!

Plagiarism cannot be prevented easily, but people who take other people’s work can be caught. Here are some tips on how to avoid plagiarism.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

• If you are a writer, perhaps there will be situations when you will want to quote someone.

Well, it is OK to do so, but only if you mention the name of the person you’re quoting, and the name of his book or article. That is one of the ways to avoid plagiarism.

• Being educated will help you avoid plagiarism. If you know enough about something, there will be no need for you to take other people’s words. Education will help you use your own head! You will be more thorough and you will be able to analyze things and understand them much better. This will help you explain things in your own words. Better education will also make you more self-confident, so you will feel like you can rely on your own brain!

• Do not be lazy! If you do not know enough about something, read about it! Inform yourself about the thing you have to write about. Learn as much as you can. This way, you will avoid copying someone else’ s work. Nothing is as bad as being lazy. Lazy people find it much easier to copy/paste, but this will get you nowhere. After all, you will be caught for doing this eventually, and you will be embarrassed. It is always better to spend some time on learning new things. You will be better informed, and you will avoid feeling guilty about taking other people’s work.

• If you want to use someone else’ s words to explain something, you can say: “According to that-and-that person, ….” It is OK to write about someone’s work, but you must highlight the name of that person and the exact name of his/her book or article.

• Be creative. Being creative will make your writing unique! This is a good exercise for little gray cells, you know. If you employ your brain, it will work better!

Those were some of the ways to avoid plagiarism. Remember, even a bad article will always be better than a stolen article. Plagiarism means that you have underestimated yourself! That means that you can’t use your own head. However, all of us can use our heads, only if we want to. You can write a good article, if you believe you can. At least you can try! Once you try, you’ll see it’s not that hard. So, be original, be yourself and start writing your own lines!

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