Fastest Truck in the World

The fastest truck in the world just a few years ago was the Bandag Bullet. More precisely, it was 2005 when the owner first tried to set the new world record with this truck. The event took place at the Airport of Bundaberg. Bandag Bullet really became the fastest truck in the world. The run was a kilometer long and it was quite a successful one.

The Bandag Bullet

This vehicle weights around 8 tones. The speed it can reach with no trouble is as much as three hundred kilometers per hour. Many of the watchers were confused and could not believe this speed, but it was true and amazing! The fastest truck in the world title belonged to this great truck with two V8 engines (twin turbo diesel engines) producing around 1099 b hp. With a little help from nitrous, each of the engines can produce amazing 1390 b hp. Today, this truck is still well known and used in showing off all over Australia.

The Shockwave

Another candidate for the fastest truck in the world title is the Shockwave, reaching the speed of 370 miles per hour. This truck is the record holder when it comes to jet powered trucks. The second version of the Shockwave is the Super Shockwave. This new version does not seem to be faster than the previous, but it has to be great, that’s for sure.

Mean Green

This truck is the fastest truck in the world when it comes to hybrids. It came from Volvo. The company is planning to set the new record with this truck. The driver is Boije Ovebrink, who believes that this truck definitely is the fastest truck in the world in the category of hybrids. Volvo hybrids are known to be great, so this is no surprise. The idea of making the fastest hybrid truck seems to be Ovebrink’s who once stated that he would like to make one. He did not even know that Volvo already has technology needed for such a courageous idea. When he finally had his dream come true, he set the new world record. However, this seemed to be insufficient for Ovebrink and Volvo. Soon after setting the record, they started to work on improvements. They wanted to set another record! Moreover, they did. It was June 2010 when Ovebrink drove again and succeeded in achieving better results. Many of you could ask, “Why would anyone do that?” Well, if you like trucks, you will understand!

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