Error 81000306

Error 81000306 is a Windows Live Messenger error. If you are trying to sign into Messenger and see a window with a message telling you that you can not sign in because there is a problem called: “Error 81000306”, this can be very frustrating. You will be offered to click the “Troubleshoot” and try to solve the problem. However, sometimes it can get more frustrating and you may need some further assistance. We will try to give some advice on solving this problem.

Here is an advice on how to fix the error 81000306. First, you have to check if your Internet connection is working properly. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer and go to these websites: Microsoft website and Messenger Service Status; in case you are having problems while connecting to these websites, call your provider for help with setting up the Internet connection. Your settings should enable you to access both non-secure and secure sites.

If you can access the Messenger service status web page, but still having problems with service, try again later. If this is not the issue, try next steps: go to your Messenger proxy settings and clear them. Open Windows Live Messenger. Choose Tools menu and then Options. Then choose Connection and Advanced Settings. Delete all you find in the  SOCKS field. Hit OK twice and save these settings.

When the proxy settings are cleared, see if you can log into Windows Live Messenger. If this doesn’t work, try the following: for Vista users – turn off  auto-tuning networking by clicking start, all programs, accessories and finally – right click on command prompt. Click Run. Make sure that you are logged in as an Administrator. Windows will ask for your permission to continue, so click Continue. Go to command prompt and type: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled; press enter. This is what you do to turn off auto-tuning. When you have finished with disabling this feature, try to log into Windows Live Messenger.

If your problem is still there, you can turn this feature on again by typing: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal at command prompt. Then hit Enter button. This will enable auto-tuning to run again.

If you still can not solve the problem, perhaps you should just leave it to professionals. Sometimes these types of problems can be very frustrating, so you should know when to give up and call someone who can help you.

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