dwm.exe is a short name for “desktop window manager”, and it is located in C/Windows/System32. This is actually a system process that you normally get as a part of Windows. The size of this file varies, depending on your computer. However, dwm.exe size ranges between 82,432 bytes and 83, 456 bytes. There are other registered sizes, like 94,720 bytes, 102,400 bytes and 103,424 bytes. Sometimes people have problems with this file. If you experience any dwm.exe error, do not remove this file. It is an important part of Windows and it is much needed for your system to function normally. dwm.exe has no its window. However, this file is extremely important. Its role is to manage various graphical effects. As we said, this is a system process and you should never stop it, since stopping it can cause other problems and prevent Windows from working normally.

dwm.exe Errors and How to Solve the Problem

dwm.exe errors are usually caused by file corruption and/or damages. Perhaps your computer has a slow performance, which can affect dwm.exe and cause problems with this file. In case of file corruption, you should run a scan and remove any corrupt entries.

Now, there are dangerous files that tend to conceal themselves and mask themselves to look like dwm.exe. You should know about this because your computer security might be in question here. You can use security task manager to verify the security of your computer.

Various kinds of software are recommended for repairing errors. PC health advisor is one of them. It appears to be very efficient because it is capable of repairing dwm.exe errors automatically. It also improves the performance of your computer and repairs other errors.

As we said, you don’t have to remove dwm.exe file to solve the problem. In fact, it is not recommended to remove it. However, you can stop it. Here is how to do it. Right click on your desktop and choose “personalize” option. Then click on “window color and appearance” and pick classic appearance properties. Then click windows vista basic and finally, apply. You can exit the application.

This is not too complicated, as you can see. However, if your computer is still having problems, perhaps you should leave it to professionals. Remember, removing dwm.exe van cause further problems and your system will not work properly.

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