Do Commitment Phobic Men Change

Do commitment phobic men change? If you are trying to find the answer to this question, take my word – you are not the only one. This kind of behavior can really hurt you if you are dating a man who if afraid to make a commitment. Moreover, it can make you feel less worth and sometimes it can seriously affect your own self-esteem. However, if you are in love, you probably feel as if it is impossible to walk away, so you are still around, waiting for a change and hoping for the best. But is it really what you should do? This question is very difficult to answer, but at least we can try. After reading this article, you may still be clueless, but at least you will see that this problem is common and it will be easier for you to accept it. If you think it through, you will certainly find something optimistic in this whole thing with commitment phobia and you may find your way out of it, so keep reading!

Commitment Phobic or Just a Playboy?

First, you have to know the difference between a man who is simply afraid of commitments and a guy who wants to have many women and refuses to have a relationship. These two men are different, even though they often resemble each other. A guy who calls himself “a playboy” probably wants more women because it is his way to prove something to himself or to other people. Basically, this is the same thing.

A commitment phobic man doesn’t necessarily want to have many women; he is fine with just one, but he is simply unable to be committed. His reasons can be various. Perhaps he is overwhelmed; he can’t find enough time and he has other priorities. Priorities change, and his phobia can go away as soon as he changes his priorities. You will have to think about the time you are willing to spend waiting for this to happen. Be reasonable and see if it is worth it.

Another possible reason can be his previous disappointment. He may have been hurt by a woman and he needs time to understand that this doesn’t mean it will happen with you, too. Perhaps he is afraid of falling in love and he is not mature enough to define and accept his own feelings. This is impossible to change. All you can do is wait.

If he is not certain whether you are the one, try to find a way to show him that you really are worth it. Think about what he likes, show him that you care and try to find the best way to communicate. If he is still afraid of showing some affection, you will have to think again and ….walk away. We hate to say it, but you will have to walk away. If you give it all to a man, the least he can do is show some respect and gratefulness. If he doesn’t appreciate what he is getting form you, he will never take you seriously and you will be wasting your time and nerves.

What is the conclusion? Do commitment phobic men ever change? Well, sometimes they do. It depends on what their phobia is caused by. Nevertheless, the real question is not “Will he change?” or “When will he change”, but “How much time are you willing to spend?” and “Is it worth it?” Think about it and share your opinion.

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