What is dllhost.exe and what is it used for? dllhost.exe is one of the Windows’ components. This file is very important for the functionality and stability of computers that use Windows. Its function is to monitor all dll-based processes running in the background. Therefore, you should never remove or change dllhost.exe. If you see it running in your Task manger, you should not terminate it because ending the process will cause problems in Windows functioning.

Where is dllhost.exe located?

dllhost.exe is located in C/Windows/System32. You should know where it is located, since this can help you detect viruses pretending to be dllhost.exe.

Let us explain this. Many viruses and malicious programs often use dllhost.exe to mask themselves. You will not even notice that they are in your system because they have the same (or very similar) name as dllhost.exe. The only way to see that something is wrong with a file that is running in your task manger is to see where it is running from.

If a file named “dllhost.exe” is running from C/Windows/System32, this means that everything is all right and it is a legitimate file. However, if you see that the file location is other than C/Windows/System32, it can be a virus. Find the location of such files and see if you can remove them. Be careful not to remove legitimate files from your computer.

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As we said, dllhost.exe is an important part of your operating system (if you are a Windows user) and it should never be removed. You should never delete the files you know nothing about. If you are having any problems with dllhost.exe (or any other file), make sure to find out more about the file before you start solving the problem.

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