Different Types of Spiders in Colorado

Wolf Spider

Here is the info on different types of spiders in Colorado. There are many spider species living in Colorado. Those are:

– Wolf spiders
– Cellar spiders
– Tarantulas
– Hobo spiders
– Bold jumping spiders
– Yellow house spiders
– Black widow spiders
– Funnel web spiders
– Banded garden spiders
– Brown recluse spiders

Colorado spiders mostly feed on insects. They eat ants, mosquitoes, other smaller spiders, crickets ad grasshoppers. Depending on the size of the spider, they can also eat mice, flies, smaller lizards, beetles, caterpillars, other spiders, large insects, woodlice, snails, diplopods, birds and even smaller animals.

Most of the Colorado spiders are poisonous. Some of them are extremely dangerous when it comes to humans, so if one gets bitten, he/she will have to get an immediate medical help. However, some spiders can bite, but nothing serious can happen, except a small and rather harmless bite which can not cause any serious skin irritation.

Some of these spiders can get real big! If you get bitten by some of the larger spiders, you should go to hospital right away, since many of them are very poisonous. Others are so small that you can barely see them! If any of those small spiders bites you, it can go without even noticing that you are bitten. Colorado spiders live near the ground, in closets, other rooms, in woodlands, gardens, sheds, and wood piles, dark places in the wild and behind the furniture inside people’s homes. Spiders like quiet places.

Spiders may live from one year to three years, with the exception of Tarantula females that live up to twenty-five years! Most people do not really like spiders. However, there are people who keep them as pets. It is not strange to have a Tarantula in a terrarium and keep it in your home, but in that case, you should be very careful. It is strongly advised that people with kids should not keep these spiders as pets.

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