Different Types of Flowers

Different types of flowers are used as gifts and all of them have their meanings. Since the beginning of time, the invigorating beauty of flowers has always been affecting both men and women. The sheer beauty of their suppleness, pleasant smell and diverse colors are enough to touch any heart. Flowers have always had a special place, in poets’ gifts and poems, as well as lovers’ affection. Nothing describes the meaning of love, beauty and pure innocence better than a velvet rose.

We surprise someone with a bunch of bright yellow flowers, or declare our undying passion with two-dozen velvety roses. Each flower has its own unique personality, which we intuitively choose, one over another, to fit our own mood or the occasion.

Every flower depicts characteristics or emotions we want to express to someone dear. We’re going to mention some flowers that can help you do that.

Different Types of Flowers for Expressing Your Emotions

If you have feelings for someone and you’re too scared to admit it, simply give them a small branch of “Acacia” petals. He or she should understand the meaning. If not, well, in that case you gave them nice flowers.

If you just want to say “you’re cute and I like you” give her a bouquet of white Camellias. She’ll love them.

Did something go wrong? Do not worry. Nothing spells “please forgive me” like purple “Hyacinth”.

Wondering how to thank your life-long friend? Let “Iris” speak for you. It will praise their wisdom, friendship and faith they had in you.

Orchids radiate with beauty, love and magnificence, and so does the person you give them to.

Tulips express the beauty of a person’s eyes.

“Zinnia” will remind you of absent friends.

Finally, a flower that has remained the personification of love itself: the majestic Rose. Each color offers a distinct meaning:

– red: an enduring passion, never-extinguishing flame of love

– white: humility and innocence

– yellow: friendship and joy

– pink: gratitude, appreciation and admiration

– orange: enthusiasm and desire

Flowers can also be beautiful decorations. In comparison to giving flowers, taking care of them is unbelievably hard. Different flowers won’t grow in the same place, or require different soil. Combining two or three species and nurturing them is hard, but also satisfying and rewarding. Some compare it to raising a child.

Therefore, to sum everything up, flowers bring colors into this gray world. They bring joy in people’s lives, repair broken bonds, and much more than that. Simply put, they spread love.

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