Different Types of Bridges in the World

How many different types of bridges are there in the world? Main types are: cable-stayed bridges, beam bridges, suspension bridges, cantilever bridges, truss bridges and arch bridges.
We will say something about each type. First, let’s say more about bridges in general. How were the first bridges made and who made them? They were probably made of wood or stone. Modern bridges can be divided into several categories.

Cable-stayed bridges – The first cable-stayed bridge was made in the eighteenth century. The longest one was made in China. It is the bridge on the Yangtze River.

Beam bridges are made of metal or wood. They are not very long, although there is one that is nearly forty kilometers long – Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, U. S. A.

Suspension bridges were first made of ropes. Today there are cables instead of ropes. There are caissons buried deep into the water or ground. Towers are attached to them and cables are attached to these towers. Finally, the bridge is held by those cables. The longest modern suspension bridge is Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Japan) and it is nearly four kilometers long.

Cantilever bridges are made using one or two cantilevers. The biggest bridge that belongs to this type is Quebec Bridge (Canada).

The first arch bridges were built in the ancient times by the ancient Greeks. The biggest modern arch bridge will be the one in Dubai, after the completion in a year from now.

Some bridges can move using electric power. They can be moved to make the way for ships or for other reasons. Another type is a double-decked bridge. It is a bridge with two levels. Those bridges can be used by all types of vehicles, depending on how they are designed. They really look amazing with numerous lanes for different kinds of vehicles, including pedestrian levels. One track can have five, six or more lanes.

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