Different Types of Apples

There are so many different types of apples and all of them seem to be equally good for both humans and animals. Health benefits of apples are numerous, but apples are known for other things, too. An apple is the symbol of many things; it was also believed to be “the forbidden fruit” marking the beginning of all temptations. This article will help you find out more about different types of apples. Here is a short overview of the history of apples. This fruit comes from Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and in the 1620s Englishmen imported apples to the United States of America. In the first century AD, Gaius Plinius Secundus – a Roman naturalist, had already discovered and listed more than thirty-six types of apples. Nowadays, more than seven thousand varieties of the fruit are known – what follows is general information about the most notable ones.

The Red Delicious

• Typical for America, this deep red colored type has a more elongated form (compared to other sorts) and always grows big. It may taste delicious as its name suggests, but it is certainly not suitable for bakery.

Golden Delicious

• Golden Delicious apples have extraordinary sweet taste. These apples are firm and juicy on the inside, perfect for a snack as they are bigger in size, and it is as if they belong in the oven when it comes to making sweets, pie or cake.


• Winesap apples have a more exotic and smooth taste and a bit smaller shape. They are spicy, with a unique flavor and wine resembling aroma. They have a very strong taste. They are primarily used in various sauces.


• McIntosh are well known and top-selling sort of apples in the United States. They have a round shape and scarlet red color and they always have a slight tinge of green even when they are ripe. These apples have a plain white flesh that is soaked in juice and they are perfect for a quick snack.


• The Gala apple is a beautiful fruit. Being a cross between the Golden delicious and a New Zealand apple, the inside of this fruit is as sweet as honey, but resembles a brightly colored cream.

• The above-mentioned types of apples were just some of the best-known varieties. As for the symbolism of apples, they represent different things in many cultures. Some of them are, for example, wisdom, luck, temptation, and naturally – love. Apples are certainly some of the finest creations we can find in nature surrounding us.


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