What is desktop.ini and why is it there? If you have seen desktop.ini in any of your folders, you must be wondering what it is doing there and whether you should delete it or not. We will tell you more about this file.

What Is desktop.ini?

desktop.ini is a hidden file, placed in each of your folders. The way your operating system displays some folder is determined by desktop.ini. This way, you can make a custom icon for any folder, and desktop.ini is there to manage the viewing of such folders. OK, but why did it appear out of nowhere? This is a hidden file. People usually see it after setting the system to display hidden files. If you set your system not to show any hidden files and folders, desktop.ini will stop appearing.

Should I Delete desktop.ini?

There is no need to delete it, really. Even if you remove it, Windows may try rebuilding it, so you will not get rid of it that easily. Therefore, it is better to just leave it there. It can’t harm your computer anyway, so why bother?

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desktop.ini is used for storing information about your customized folders. You can customize the folder display by changing the icon of that particular folder, for example. These settings are saved in desktop.ini file.

If you still want it to stop appearing, you can go to the Start menu, and then access the Control Panel.

Find “Folder Options” and then click “View”.

You will see a subfolder named “Hidden files and folders” and choose “Do not show hidden files and folders”. This should make desktop.ini stop appearing.

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