Declawing Cats Pros and Cons

Declawing cats pros and cons are both numerous. This question is debated all over the world. There are vets and biologists stating that this is a harmless procedure, but there are also people who say that this is as cruel as cutting hands and legs to a patient that suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Declawing Cats Cons

• First we need to admit the obvious fact: declawing a cat is very painful, and although there are vets who say this is not true, try to use your own sense and imagine what it would be like if someone tried to “de-finger” you. The process implies surgically cutting off some pieces of bones in cat’s paw. Maybe this is done under anesthesia, but anyone who has had any surgical procedure is familiar with the pain when anesthetics expire.

• Furthermore, after a recovery period, during which a cat experiences great pain while walking, some other problems can occur, too. Many veterinarians claim that after some time, cats may develop arthritis, which is very characteristic for larger cats. This happens due to lack of claws and irregular way of walking.

• Desperate to scratch an itchy place, cats often use their teeth, which can create much dangerous situation than claw scratching. As it turns out (apparently), there is no a cat’s interest here, so the moral ground is often criticized because we only do this for ourselves. If this is the case, why do we even have a cat?

Declawing Cats Pros

• On the other hand, it is true that cats scratch everything. Table legs, floor, doors, even some things that you desperately wish to keep from them, are often damaged by claws. Moreover, there is a problem when there is a sick person in the house or a person that is prone to catching bacteria. Cat’s claws are like magnet to bacteria, but you could hardly blame them for this; they are animals and their immune system is sometimes resistant to some things than a human’s immune system cannot deal with. With cat in the house you can’t actually avoid being scratched, because whether you play with your cat or you are trying to give her a bath, claws are tested on you.

• There are much better ways to prevent a cat from damaging your furniture. If you just tried to teach her some tricks, you would be amazed by the results. Other than that, there are many physical restrainers for claws. Ask around and get yourself informed before you take up such measures as declawing your cat because you may be sorry afterwards.

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