csrss.exe is a short name for “Client Server Runtime Subsystem. This is a component of Windows operating system, playing an important role in normal functioning of the system, so you should not terminate this process. If you choose to terminate this process, your system may experience a failure. csrss.exe cannot be stopped by using windows task manager, except in the Administrator mode. However, in Windows 7, any attempt to terminate csrss.exe process will result in warning message, informing you that the process termination will cause the system failure.

As with other processes, certain problems are possible with csrss.exe, too. If you wish to determine whether there is a problem or not, you can scan your computer for viruses, using any antivirus program.

If your antivirus determines that the file is harmful, you can use the removal tool that is developed for dealing with csrss.exe. worm.

However, if it won’t work, it will be good to try the following: find the location of this file. Normally, it is located in C/Windows/System32 or in Windows/ServicePackFiles.

You can also look in your start up folder. csrss.exe is automatically launched, so it shouldn’t be in the start up folder. If you see the file named “csrss.exe” in your start up folder, remove it because it can be something else.

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How to Tell if There Is a csrss.exe Error

The “symptoms” of csrss.exe error can be slower performance of your computer and high CPU usage. On the other hand, these symptoms can mean other problems, so you need to take up several steps to make sure it really is a csrss.exe error. You can use various tolls to fix this problem. Many people use PC health advisor, but you can also use other software for repairing errors in your computer.

Many malicious programs camouflage themselves and “hide” behind certain files. It can be hard to see whether it is a virus or not, but you can try locating them. However, csrss.exe is very important, so you must be careful. Do not remove anything if you are not certain about it. If you are having any doubts, call someone to help you. It is better to wait and get some help than to cause a failure to your own system.

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