You have probably seen some binkw32.dll error messages, telling you that you are missing the file or the file “not found”. If you have seen such error messages, you probably wanted to know the cause.

So, why does this happen? binkw32.dll errors occur in situations when you are trying to play or install a game, but you can’t do it because the game is having problems with bink video codec. This error is commonly seen in games that are illegally downloaded.

There is a solution to this problem. However, before we tell you what you can do about it, we must tell you to avoid downloading binkw32.dll from any of the dll download websites.

In case you need binkw32.dll, you should get it from a legitimate source. That way you will be certain that you have a legitimate file in your system and you will certainly avoid problems and errors. In case you have downloaded binkw32.dll from any of these websites, you should delete it.

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How to Fix binkw32.dll Error

• First, try reopening the game. Perhaps the game you are trying to play is just having some temporary problems. Restarting it can be helpful.

• You can uninstall the game and then install it again. Your game installation includes a video codec involved in this error, so if you reinstall the game, it will probably solve the problem. Another important thing is to restart the computer after you have uninstalled the game.

• Try finding the game’s latest update. You can also download RAD video tools from their website. That way, you will get Bink video codec (which is the source of binkw32.dll).

• Check whether binkw32.dll is placed in the right directory. Sometimes it is needed to move binkw32.dll from the System directory of the game to the root directory.

• If you use the pirate version of the game, problems are likely to occur. Buying a legal version will cost you more, but you will be able to play it without any problems and errors.

• Check whether your video card is good enough for that particular game. Sometimes a video card is just not powerful enough to support a game, which can result in errors.

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