Biggest Country in the World by Land

The biggest country in the world by land is Russia (the Russian Federation). It is consisted of 83 federal units. Its neighbors are Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Mongolia, Azerbaijan; the People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Poland, Finland, and Norway. It shares sea borders with United States of America and Japan.

Russian territory is as big as 17,075,401 square km. There are nearly 142 million inhabitants living in Russia. This area is very rich in natural reserves like minerals, fresh water, natural gas, petroleum, coal etc. Russia has always attracted great and powerful leaders through out history. Nearly all famous military leaders had tried to conquer Russia and occupy this territory. And none of them succeeded. All of them were quite aware of its natural wealth and its magnificent geographical position. But none of those great armies could ever beat rough climate conditions in this area.

Also, the area itself is so big that it was not so easy to know its configuration good enough. Modern age and technical innovations have enabled people to get to know this enormous area much better. Before that, the Russian territory was only known to people who lived there. Its inhabitants are used to extremely low temperatures and other conditions that would be difficult to bear for any foreigner.

Today this country has a great power on global level. Some of the greatest people who ever lived came from Russia. The first human flight into the space was a Russian achievement. Russia also has a considerable mass-destruction weapon stockpile.

Russia is a member of all important international organizations. Considering its great power it is easy to understand its influence on global political and economic trends. If you have never visited Russian Federation, you should do it! This country has a rich tradition and wonderful places to see.

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