Best TV Series of All Time List

Here you can find the best TV series of all time list. Each of us has his/her own favorites. If you don’t see your favorite TV series here, feel free to suggest some! Tastes are different and each of us likes different types of TV series. We tried to find many different TV series and put them on the list. Tell us what you think!

Sherlock Holmes is one of our favorites. The characters are amazing, so as the story, music, and everything else! You will enjoy watching perfect performance. The stories are interesting and smart, so you will never get bored.

FRIENDS is one of the most popular TV series in the world. The characters are great and you will feel like they are part of your own family. The comedy is great and you will be laughing all the time!

The X Files is another very popular series. The cases are interesting, but there is more than just a good story. The leading actors are great and you will enjoy watching them. The X Files is not just about mystery and action. Each story will make you think! According to some researches, this TV series had a great influence upon people and their opinion on various mysteries. Of course, this is only fiction, but it is made to make you think about things! The movie was made, too, but the series was more popular. Other TV series were based on similar themes, but none of these series could compare with the X files.

Those were just some of our favorites. They will be remembered for a long time! Here are other great TV series.

What Are the Best TV Series of All Time?

Sherlock Holmes
The Sopranos
The Simpsons
All in the Family
I Love Lucy
Only Fools and Horses
60 Minutes
Arrested Development
Prison Break

Best TV Series of the Past Decade

Mad Men
The Shield
The Wire
Freaks and Geeks
Friday Night Lights
True Blood
Breaking Bad
How I Met Your Mother
The Colbert Report
The Big Bang Theory
Gilmore Girls
Veronica Mars
The Office
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Grey’s Anatomy
Will and Grace
Six Feet Under
Family Guy
The West Wing
Big Love
Sex and the City
Desperate Housewives
Bold and the Beautiful
Criminal Minds
All in the Family
Freaks and Geeks
Best TV Series Ever
Boston Legal
Ghost Whisperer
Grey’s Anatomy
In Living Color
Hannah Montana
Married With Children
Law and Order
Remington Steel
Malcolm in the Middle
Andy Griffith Show
Saturday Night Live
Slings and Arrows
The X Files
Everybody Loves Raymond
The Honeymooners
Full House
Small Wonder
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
I Dream of Genie
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Three Stooges
Happy Days
Star Trek
Two and a Half Men
Rescue Me
The Bill Cosby Show

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