Best Place to Live in the World 2010

Here is an article about the best place to live in the world, 2010.  When we say “the best place to live” we mean that there have to be standards related to the environmental conditions that are all together closely related to quality of life.

It is not that easy to pick just one, so all suggested places are probably equally great. It is just impossible to name one, so we will offer several suggestions. The relevant parameters used here are living costs, environmental conditions, human rights and freedom, political and economic situation, safety, the crucial institutions of the society etc. Australia is among the top countries from this list. Its great climate conditions keep attracting people from all over the world. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in Australia. Life of Australian people can be considered very healthy in both physical and psychical sense of the word.
The good thing is that English is spoken here, so most of people can manage when they come, since all of us can speak a few words in English. This country has a very good economy. The crucial society institutions, health-care and all other important services are functioning very well.

When it comes to Europe, it seems that France has a very high ranking. Not only this country is a symbol of romance and beauty, but it keeps being regarded as one of the best countries in Europe. Its political, economic and social institutions are well organized and provide good service to its citizens. This is the country with long tradition and interesting history. Some of the greatest people and events ever are closely related to this country. It is not just an attractive destination for tourists – it is more than that. People from all over the world keep coming to France and many of them continue to live here.

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