Best PC Games of All Time List

If you like playing PC games, here is something for you – the best PC games of all time list. If you cannot find your favorites here, feel free to suggest them. There are so many PC games and we just couldn’t put them all on the list. However, our lack of space doesn’t make these games less worth. Here is what we have found:

Best PC Games

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – developed and published by Red Storm Entertainment in 1998. You have probably played it. At the time it was created, Rainbow Six was something new. Today we can see it as “nothing so special”, but back then it was. Preparations for the game are equally interesting.

You can make the choice regarding your team members, their equipment and you have time to make a strategy. The game is all about being fast and having good memory (you need to memorize the space around you; otherwise you can easily get back to where you were).

The Sims- developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts in 2000. This game gives you a chance to be creative.

Deus Ex – developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive in 2000. Here you have the power! Weapons, characters and everything else in this game brings you the sense of power.

Warcraft 2 – developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 1995. Great graphics and sounds, and interesting plots will make you enjoy playing this game.

Call of Duty – developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision in 2003, this game made an incredible success worldwide. World War II is the time (and place) of the game. It is very realistic and dynamic.

Half-Life 2 – developed by Valve Software and published by Vivendi Games in 2004. Now, one may ask why we are talking about the sequel instead original. Well, the original version was certainly great, but the sequel is just better! The atmosphere will capture your attention immediately.

Max Payne – created by Finnish developers Remedy Entertainment and published in 2001 by Gathering of Developers, this game is actually an award winning game. Should we say more? There are not many games that could beat Max Payne, when it comes to popularity.  Even the movie is made based on the game.

Max is not just another guy shooting from a gun. If you just concentrate to the story and the tone of his voice, you will actually start thinking of him as of an actual person. He has everything that a human being has: good taste, the things he likes, and the things he hates – and he has the pain. He is feeling guilty for being still alive (his family got killed), and the entire game is actually about getting his revenge. Max’s feelings are mixed until the very end of the game; he is more a tragic character than a tough guy with a gun.

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