Best Job in the World Campaign

Are you familiar with Best Job in the World campaign? This campaign was designed to promote one of the Australian paradise islands and to find a person to take care of the island.

This campaign has been awarded at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

The basic idea was to find a person who would take care of the island and receive quite a good salary for it. He/she would certainly enjoy the work since this really is a paradise island.

Thousands of people applied for this job, of course. They all hoped to be the ones to be chosen and given the opportunity to show their abilities but to enjoy as well.

It all started with an idea to do something with the Great Barrier Reef island which was quite forgotten. And the best idea was to use it for something that the whole world will see. In the same time, the island itself will start “living” again. The number of people who applied for the best job in the world was somewhere around 34,000 from all over the world (people cam from nearly two hundred countries). Publicity was enormous and the whole world knew about this competition. All major TVs reported about it which contributed to its success on the global level even more. Of course, a lot of money was spent on PR and all kinds of marketing, but the money returned in six figures amounts.

However, where there is publicity – there are scandals as well. Several scandals happened – related to applicants – but did not result in major scandal or seriously harmed to good publicity.

After this great success, other ideas came up, too. Of course, all of them are related to this country and its islands. It is quite understandable. If it has already have a global success, it will probably happen again.

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