Best Drummer in the World List

Here is a suggestion for the best drummer in the world list. It was hard to make the list, but it was worth of our efforts. We are not saying that the list is definitive, so you are free to suggest other drummers, too. You will also notice that there are no numbers. It was impossible to enumerate them, since they are all so good. Here is the list:

Best Drummers in the World

Phil Rudd – ACDC. This guy is unbelievable! He was born in Melbourne, in 1954. His name is actually very long: Phillip Hugh Norman Witschke Rudzevecuis, so he changed it to Phillip Hugh Norman Rudd. If you like AC/DC, you probably do not need any comments on Phil’s performance.

Dave Grohl – Nirvana. He played for other bands, too, but he made the name while he was playing with Cobain.

Richard Starkey – The Beatles. Ringo was born in 1940. He became one of the most famous drummers ever, thanks to his career with the Beatles. He has also written a number of songs for the Beatles (Don’t Pass Me By, Octopus’s Garden) and he liked singing as well (With a Little Help from My Friends, What Goes On, Yellow Submarine, and Act Naturally). He was only 22 when he started playing with the Beatles.

Mitch Mitchell – played with Jimi Hendrix. He was one of the very few that were actually able to match Jimi’s guitar.

John Densmore – The Doors. Densmore is another drummer who started his career very young and became famous in a very short time. Just the fact that he was playing with the Doors is quite enough for us to include him in this list.

Zak Starkey – The Who, Oasis. There is no need for many comments on this guy. Just look at the bands he was playing with!

Lars Ulrich – Metallica.

Phil Collins – Genesis. Now, he is more than just a drummer. We believe that nearly everyone has heard of Phil Collins.

John Bonham – Led Zeppelin, Terry Web and The Spiders. Have you ever thought about what would have happened if he hadn’t been playing with Led Zeppelin? Well – nothing! Except that their music would never be as good as it is.

Stewart Copeland – The Police.

BJ Wilson – Joe Cocker and Procul Harum. There are songs (especially Procul Harum songs) that would never be so good without his drums.

Roger Taylor – Smile, the Cross, Queen. “Queen” – should we say more?

Ian Paice – Whitesnake and Deep Purple. This guy is incredibly fast with spectacular performance.

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