Best Chocolate in the World

What is the best chocolate in the world? If you like chocolate, this can be a hard choice. There are so many great chocolate brands and all of them are good. Here are some of them, so try to make your own list!

Belgian– this brand keeps producing new kinds of chocolate. Every time it seems that it just cannot be better, but it keeps getting better all the time!

Lindt– This chocolate has a long and glorious tradition. It is sold in nearly eighty countries all over the world. This chocolate isn’t too sweet, so it is just fine for everybody’s taste. Most of the Lindt sweets contain eighty percent of black chocolate (that’s the average).

Ferrero Rocher– is a smooth chocolate coming from Italy. It contains perfect cream with hazelnut inside. You will easy recognize Ferrero Rocher by its distinct smooth package. It is also a classy present. If you do not know what to buy for someone, you won’t make a mistake with this chocolate. Take our word!

Guylian– very sweet milk chocolate. There are many different sweets within this brand so you can choose what suits you best. The prices are also different. There are quite expensive Guylian sweets, but there are also those affordable to most of us. Regardless of the price, all of them are great and have perfect taste.

Milka– well known sweet affordable to almost everyone. It keeps providing the new combinations. Milk chocolate is filled with anything you can imagine! And it is hard to pick just one combination. Even if you manage to taste each of those combinations, you will have trouble picking the best one.

Those were famous chocolate brands. We forgot to tell you not to read this article if you are on a diet!

One Response to “Best Chocolate in the World”

  1. bernd says:

    Those are supermarket brands. Far inferior to e.g. Sprüngli/Zürich.

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