Avast Vs AVG

Avast Vs AVG. This kind of dilemma is very common in people who spend much time on the Internet. Nearly all of us use a computer and we can all agree that the Internet can be very useful, sometimes even inevitable part of our lives. It makes our work easier, information is available in every moment, the way we get the information is simple, and it doesn’t take much time. You can use your computer for fun or even shopping. The possibilities are endless. However, if you really want to enjoy the Internet, you must think of your protection. Today, there are many viruses and harmful stuff that can get into your system and create a lot of damage. When it comes to making your choice regarding an anti-virus program, you should pay your attention to how reliable they are, how regular their updates are, and how they affect the entire system. Avast and AVG are probably the most downloaded anti-virus programs. People still believe that they can never be safe enough, so they keep comparing anti-virus programs. We will compare them as well.

Avast Vs AVG

Let us compare them and see how different they really are. Avast requires a computer restart to start working, while AVG does not. However, Avast will not bother you with pop up windows. On the other hand, AVG does not require your email, while Avast demands entering your email so you can get the license key and activate it. When it comes to interfaces, many people agree that the AVG interface is better than that of Avast. It seems to be easier to manage.

Both of these anti-virus programs have free versions. However, they are different when it comes to free versions. Avast is free in condition you use it in personal purpose. It can not be used in commercial purposes. AVG is free for use in both business and personal purposes. Avast provides several extra features: chat protection, intelligent scanner, behavior blocker and network shield that are all very useful features. Therefore, when it comes to security, Avast seems to be a little better.

When it comes to performance speed, AVG seems to be faster. The time needed for AVG to scan your system is shorter than in Avast.

Which One to Choose

We have compared these two anti-virus programs and it is clear that each of them has good sides. Your choice can also depend on your personal PC. In some cases, one of these works better, so you must try both of them and see which one works better on your computer.

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