Affirmative Action Pros and Cons

Here we will suggest some affirmative action pros and cons. What is affirmative action? How can it be defined? The affirmative action concept is one of the steps that are made by any government, in order to give the same chances to all people who belong to minorities that exist in the country. This means that the ethnic, religious, racial or any other diversity should be encouraged and supported. This is an important issue, since every country has to take care of all its citizens. Affirmative action exists in many countries, although by different names.

Affirmative Action Pros

As we said, it is important for any country to take care of all its citizens, regardless of their skin color, religious beliefs, and ethnic diversities.

If you try to look at it from a minority point of view, you’ll see that it is not nice to feel like an outsider. People should never be treated differently just because they belong to other ethnicity, race, religion and/or culture. This concept was designed in order to make these people feel like they’re home. It is extremely important that students and kids who belong to minorities have equal chances to make some progress in their lives. They should be given opportunities to develop and educate just like other kids. Those pros are simply based on morality and universal humanity, and should be accepted. However, there are also some cons to discuss.

Affirmative Action Cons

Now, let us say something about affirmative action cons. Regardless of how noble and human this idea is in its essence, there are cons, of course. One of them is the fact that some people who belong to minorities also belong to middle or upper society classes. In other words, they are not poor. They simply belong to other religion, ethnicity and culture, but they are not poor. Therefore, it seems like it is just not right that these people still can take advantage of their status as minority population. They already have quite good lives and many of them are very rich. It is about social justice, actually.

There have also been suggestions that certain institutions have lower standards for minority students. This means that they just do not have to be hard working as other kids, just because of the fact that they are – minority. Those were major pros and cons regarding this issue. The subject may be controversial, but it is worth of discussing. What do you think?

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