702 Area Code

702 Area Code Covers Las Vegas

702 area code is a telephone code used in Nevada (Las Vegas and Clark County). This area code was created in 1947 (October) and was among the original codes. 702 area code was created to serve the entire Nevada state. However, the area of Las Vegas started to grow, so 702 area code was not enough. Another code was necessary, so a split was made in 1998 – this was 775 area code.

702 Area Code Places

Here is the list of places that use 702 area code: Bunkerville, Blue Diamond, Cold Creek, Arden, Callville Bay, College Park, Boulder City, Indian Springs, Goodsprings, Coyote Springs, Echo Bay, Cal-Nev-Ari, Logandale, Henderson, Enterprise, Mount Charleston, Nellis AFB, Mountain Springs, Green Valley, Laughlin, Moapa, Mesquite, North Las Vegas, Palm Gardens, Jean, Old Nevada, Primm, Nelson, Corn Creek, Searchlight, Stewarts Point, Overton Beach, Sandy Valley, Overton, Las Vegas, Valley of Fire State Park, Riverside, The Lakes and Sloan.

702 Area Code Carriers

Here is the list of 702 area code carriers: AT&T Local, Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless, Arch Wireless Holdings, Digitcom Services, INC., Commpartners, LLC, Blue Licenses Holding, LLC, Filer Mutual Tel CO – NV, Cox Nevada Telcom, LLC, KMC Data LLC, Fort Mojave Telecom INC – AZ, Central Tel CO, MCI Worldcom Communications, INC, Global Naps, Lincoln County Tel System INC, Easy Comm. Beepers, MPower Communications CORP, KMC Telecom, Network Services LLC, Level 3 Communications, LLC, Moapa Valley Tel CO, Nevada Bell, Nextwave Telecom, INC DBA NextWave, Rio Virgin Tel CO INC, Nevada Telephone, INC, Rural Tel Service CO INC, Nextel Communications, INC, Pac-West Telecomm, INC., Sprint Spectrum L.P., Sprint Communications Company, U.S. Telepacific CORP – NV, Silver Strand Enterprises, LLC, Verizon California INC, Xspedius Management CO. of Las Vegas, TCG Los Angeles, INC – NV, Metrocall, YMAX Communcations CORP, T-Mobile USA, INC, SBC Telecom and XO Nevada, LLC.

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