414 Area Code

414 Area Code Is Used in Wisconsin

414 area code is a telephone code used in Wisconsin. It was created in 1947, along with 715 area code. Both of them were used in Wisconsin area. Today, 414 area code is used in Milwaukee County (there are just a few places that don’t use 414 area code). 414 area code was split and the result was 608 area code. The second split was done in 1997 and 920 area code was assigned to one part of the northern area. Southern parts have continued using 414 area code.

• Another split was in 1999 and it resulted in creating 262 area code.

•  There is an interesting fact about 414 area code. This was also the name of the group of teenagers from Milwaukee; they hacked several computer systems in the U.S. and Canada, in 1983.

414 Area Code Places

♦ 414 area code is used in the following places:  Bayside, Bay View, Caledonia, Brown Deer, Fox Point, Cudahy, Glendale, Franklin, Greenfield, Greendale, Milwaukee, Hales Corners, Palmyra, Oak Creek, Saint Francis, River Hills, Helenville, South Milwaukee, Shorewood, West Allis, Wauwatosa, West Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay and Wawatosa.

414 Area Code Carriers

♦ These are the major carriers for 414 area code: American Messaging (AM), INC, Access Plus Paging, INC. DBA, Arch Wireless Holdings, AT&T – Local, Ameritech Mobile Communications, CellCo Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, Burlington, Brighton & Wheatland, Global Crossing Telemanagement, INC, Illinois Bell Tel CO, Centurytel Acquisition, LLC DBA KMC, Level 3 Commun. LLC, Heartland Communications, MCI Metro ATS, INC, John C. Aegerter DBA Air Page, Neutral Tandem-Illinois, LLC, Metrocall, Nextel Communications, INC, JSM Tele-Page INC,  INC, Sprint Commun. Company,  Pac-West Telecomm, INC, Telnet Wi, LLC –Wisconsin, Time Warner Commun. AXS Wisconsin, United States Cell. CORP., Wisconsin Bell INC, Teleport Commun. Group and US Xchange of Wisc., L.L.C. DBA.

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