314 Area Code

St. Louis

314 area code is a telephone code used in St. Louis, Missouri and its suburban areas. This area code was split in 1996, which resulted in creating 573 area code. After this split, another one was made, and that was when 636 area code was put to service.

314 Area Code Places

Here is the list of places that use 314 area code: Berkeley, Bella Villa, Breckenridge Hills, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Bel Ridge, Affton, Charlack, Bellerive, Bridgeton Terrace, Bel Nor, Calverton Park, Black Jack, Clayton, Beverly Hills, Burke City, Creve Coeur, Bridgeton, Crystal Lake Park, Des Peres, Ellisville, Clarkson Valley, Dellwood, Chesterfield, Edmundson, Glasgow Village, Flordell Hills, Brentwood, Crestwood, Glendale, Florissant, Country Club Hills, Greendale, Huntleigh, Hazelwood, Glencoe, Kinloch, Goodfellow Terrace, Frontenac, Jennings, Ferguson, Lemay, Maplewood, Mehlville, Kirkwood, Manchester, Maryland Heights, Ladue, Hanley Hills, Northwest Plaza, Louis, Normandy, Oakville, Moline Acres, Overland, Northwoods, Oakland, Pine Lawn, Pagedale, Pasadena Park, North County, Olivette, Saint Ann, Riverview, Pasadena Hills, Saint Louis, Robertson, Pond, Sappington, Rock Hill,Spanish Lake, Saint John, Shrewsbury, Twin Oaks, Webster Groves, Velda Village Hills, Sunset Hills, Richmond Heights, Valley Park, Town and Country, Warson Woods, Wellston, Vigus, University City, Woodson Terrace, West County, Vinita Park and Wildwood.

314 Area Code Carriers

Major carriers for 314 area code are: American Messaging (AM), INC., Ameritech Cellular Services, Adbeep, LLC, AT&T – Local, Allegiance Telecom, INC, Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, Arch Wireless Holdings, Centurytel Solutions, LLC, Birch Telecom of Missouri, INC, Centurytel of Missouri, LLC, Davidson Telecom, LLC, Intermedia Communicaitons, INC, Charter Fiberlink, LLC, Global Crossing Local Services, INC, MCI Worldcom Communications, INC, Digital Teleport, Level 3 Communications, LLC, KMC Telecom, Nextel Communications INC, Metrocall, MCleodusa Telecommunication Service, Sprint Spectrum L.P., Pac -West Telecomm, INC, Metrotel, Teleport Commun. Group, Nuvox Communications of Missouri, XO Missouri,  INC, SWB Mobile Systems, Saint Louis Paging Network, INC, United States Cellular CORP.,Southwestern Bell, Winstar Communications, LLC, T-Mobile USA,  INC.

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