is a private IP address that falls within the range between and Many broadband router manufacturers use as a default IP address, making it part of the factory settings. Well-known brands that use this IP address as default are Belkin and SMC. However, being a default IP address doesn’t make this address unchangeable. You can change it by yourself or you can call a professional to change it for you.

• is used for home networks or slam office networks. Private IP addresses can be used repeatedly, but it is important that they do not belong to the same network. These IP addresses are called ‘non-routable’ and they can’t be used by several devices in the same time. Precisely, only one device can use a private IP address at a time. Otherwise, there can be malfunction and network problems.

• Many home or office networks are connected to the Internet. However, this doesn’t make them part of the Internet. Router serves as a gateway, routing data from network to the computer that belongs to the home or office network. Home or office network is composed of several computers that are interconnected. Each of them has its own IP address. Actually, every device that is part of home or office network has its own IP address.

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• DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) of the router designates Internet Protocol addresses to the computers that belong to its network. This is an automatically performed task. Therefore, it is not recommended to assign to any of your home network computers, since this can lead to collision within the network. If that happens, you will only spend your time and nerves to solve the problem. Instead, stick to the good old rule – one private IP address for one device at a time.

• If you experience any of the problems with your network, try finding some info on You can find good tips almost anywhere on the Internet, since this IP address is widely used and well known. If you do not want to search for the problem by yourself, you can call a professional. However, most of the problems that happen within home or office networks are related to IP addresses. This is the first place to search for the problem. If you see that something is not working properly, IP address is the first thing to check. If you locate the problem, you will solve it simply by following the instructions found on the website of the manufacturer.

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